Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G975U1 – Sprint Boost Unlock

Sprint devices with “Invalid SIM” message also can be unlocked!
If SM-G975U1 phone ask for Unlock Code – you can use Read Codes Operation which will reset codes to default value.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Sprint Unlock operation can be used for phone locked to Sprint or BoostMobile. If phone show ‘Invalid SIM’ most likely its locked and you need to unlock by this method!
Supported Carriers: SPR,BST,LAO
Supported binary versions : until binary U2
Price: 14 credits / operation


What “Supported binaries” mean?

Binary Version is a part of firmware name, 5nd char from end.
Ex. Firmware SM-G975U1VPU4BQH1 has binary 4 (U4).

Enable ADB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G975U1

To use ADB with a device connected over USB, you must enable USB debugging in the device system settings, under Developer options.
On Android 8.0 and higher, the Developer options screen is hidden by default. To make it visible, go to Settings > About phone -> SW Information and tap Build number seven times. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options at the bottom.
On some devices, the Developer options screen might be located or named differently.

About Sprint and BoostMobile locked phones

Sprint devices cannot be unlocked by unlock code, Sprint locked devices will show just “Invalid SIM” message when unsupported SIM is inserted!

What do you need for remote unlock:
  1. A Windows computer with an internet connection. For some unlock operation internet speed (download) might be important.
  2. USB cable for your model, make sure is genuine and fully working, connect it to a main USB port to your computer
  3. Purchase credits on our website or from one of our resellers
  4. Download and install TMBkiller software on you PC.